GameBoy Emulators for Mac OS X

zelda gameboy mac emulatorNintendo NES and GameBoy - It was the Nintendo NES version in 1986 that revived the industry of home video games during its reign. This same phenomenon and impact happened to the portable video game industry when the same company introduced GameBoy in the year 1989.  These historical events in the video game industry owed its occurrence to Gumpei Yokoi and his team which was called Research and Development (R and D) Team 1.

Though Nintendo Gameboy came out with various criticisms because of its small monitor and monochrome color, it was still a great success. It even surpassed the sales of its closest competitor at that time. The criticisms were finally eliminated as the company released GameBoy Color in 1998.

The KiGB is the perfect emulator for GameBoy and GameBoy Color consoles. Like any creation of Richard Bannister, this emulator has added features when it is used with the Emulator Enhancer. On its own, the KiGB has a great compatibility to the mentioned systems. It also has good Super GameBoy emulation, sound support, and Game Shark and Genie codes support. It runs on Mac OS 10.4 and later versions. Additionally, it is a Universal Binary.  Download Pokemon Blue & Red KiGB Mac emu game.

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